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Elitists Do It Better Than You

Caesar Eats Our Dust

More Pretentious Than Thou
Shangri La
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We are the elite best of the best. We went to the Universities you wish you had gone to, we read the books you pretend to have read, we bedded the beautiful people who didn't know you existed. We are the ones you call pretentious elitists, and this is where we lay it all out on the table, every conceit and literosexual fetish, every obscure linguistic profanity and outrageous claim to intellectual fame. We know Latin plurals and understand The Waste Land. We deconstructed Harry Potter and then burned him in effigy in Central Park during our bi-annual bacchanal.

We are everything that threatens your mind in the suburban night. We are the Great and Marvelous Succubi--you hate us, but you still want us to touch you in all the naughtiest places. We are smarter than you, stronger than you, and prettier than you. We are the avant-garde, we are the eaters of souls.

Hate us and we will only grow stronger.

Join us, if you can.

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Words to Live By:

See Jane.
See Jane blog.
See Jane blog satirically.
See Dick.
See Dick read.
See Dick take it seriously.

...Don't be a Dick.

~ from See Jane Blog by M.A. Corryn